Apartment development - Greenslopes

Excited that my business Life LED Lighting will be supplying the LED lighting for this great apartment development at Greenslopes. High quality project that is only a few months away from completion. If you know anyone building, extending, renovating their home or in the process of developing a property, put them in touch with me.

Saul Edmonds

Roundhouse: All our endeavours are highlighted by our strong belief in the collaborative process and creative powers that bind them. We are dedicated to developing great design and to making your next project a success.

LED Downlights

Just had my LED downlights delivered and installed in a building that has lots of books and is on the river in Brisbane. Cannot say what it is, but very excited to see them looking good.

Saul Edmonds

Roundhouse: All our endeavours are highlighted by our strong belief in the collaborative process and creative powers that bind them. We are dedicated to developing great design and to making your next project a success.

Trillion on Chalk at Lutwyche

Trillion on Chalk at Lutwyche almost done now. All LED lighting supplied. Now for the lighting for the new cafe in the ground floor. Great project. Thanks to Melec, Havit and Tec-led for the perfect lighting and support.

Saul Edmonds

Roundhouse: All our endeavours are highlighted by our strong belief in the collaborative process and creative powers that bind them. We are dedicated to developing great design and to making your next project a success.

Life LED Lighting Recognized by Hong Kong Australia Business Association.

Life LED Lighting Recognized by Hong Kong Australia Business Association.

Photo from the recent Hong Kong Australia Business Association awards and gala dinner at Hilton Brisbane. Life LED Lighting won one of the major business awards for 2015. Paul Myers highlighted in his acceptance speech how honored he was to receive the award from Hon Stirling Hinchliffe MP, Member for Sandgate, Leader of the House and Assistant Minister of State Assisting the Premier. Great recognition of the business, even in its early development stages. 300 guests attended the gala and award ceremony at Hilton Brisbane last week.

If you are considering updating your lighting at home or business, or you are an Architect, Designer, Builder or developer, contact Paul and experience the services Life LED Lighting provide. The web site has been updated to reflect the additional consultancy, specifying, sourcing and supply services now available.

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Life LED Lighting, Finalist Hong Kong Australia Business Association Awards 2015

Great news for the ongoing growth and development of Life LED Lighting with the announcement of the business being one of the finalists in the Hong Kong Australia Business Association Queensland Chapter Business Awards.

This is an excellent acknowledgement of the quality and effort that has been put into the business model and services provided over the last couple of years in particular.

Life LED Lighting now provides a unique service in Queensland, focusing on first and foremost, consulting with the client, right at the beginning of their development or building process to ensure the best LED option is specified for each room or space. At that time, we can determine the budget and source the best alternatives, taking into account power usage and costs of each fitting.

With time on our side, we can source the best LED lighting using only high quality manufacturers in China, specifying only the worlds best LED chips. We can ensure all product is tested and certified, to meet all necessary Australian standards. We will either direct import these lights and fittings or work with many of the best Australian importers ,wholesalers and manufacturers to ensure the best possible outcome for the client. See our list on the web site.

Life LED Lighting works in partnership with Architects, Home Designers, Interior Designers, Landscape Architects and Designers, Developers, Builders, home and business owners.

If you are in the Brisbane or South East Queensland region, contact Paul Myers at Life LED Lighting 1300 543 353 or email paul@lifeledlighting.com.au or have a look at the web site www.lifeledlighting.com.au

Emac & Lawton and TEC-LED Lighting join Life LED Lighting

Two new supplier partnerships have just begun this week with two very special lighting companies choosing to provide product and service to and for Life LED Lighting. Emac & Lawton have long been regarded as one of Australia's premium lighting wholesalers with a huge range of ceiling, pendant, wall lighting as well as table and floor lamps. Check out the Life LED Lighting web site and go to the "About Us" page and click on Emac & Lawton name.

TEC-LED Lighting based out of Sydney offer a bespoke LED lighting design service with a huge range of high quality LED lighting for home and business, all capable of working with the latest home automation systems. Call Paul on 1300 543 353 to discuss how Life LED Lighting and TEC-LED Lighting can make your next project even more special than it already is. Go to the Life LED Lighting "About Us" page and click on TEC-LED Lighting name to visit their site.

Check out the quality suppliers of LED lighting that is available through Life LED Lighting on the "About" Page on the web site www.lifeledlighting.com.au

If your home or business is on the Brisbane area and you are building or renovating your home or you have a business that is still using Fluoro tubes, Halogen or Metal Halide down lights and you are looking to lower your running costs by being more energy efficient, contact Paul at Life LED Lighting.

Life LED Lighting is not only a direct importer of quality Samsung product, but also has access to some of Australia's top lighting companies.

Life LED Lighting will come to your premises and determine, in consultation with you and others you may have engaged, to assist in your project, the right LED light, for each room or area you are updating. No one type of LED is right for all purposes, we will guide you through that process to ensure you have exactly the right LED.

Life LED Lighting can now, offer you a huge selection of pendants, wall lights, down lights, fan lights, panel lights and LED tubes for inside your home or business as well as the best LED light fittings for your warehouse, carpark, deck, garden, driveway and steps.

Contact Life LED Lighting now, for the best personal guidance, as you work through your next project.

Chandeliers, Pendants Wall Lights and so much more now available through Life LED Lighting

If you are considering updating, not only your old CFL and incandescent lights to LED, you can now visit Life LED Lighting web site and click on to numerous links on the "About" page to check out some of the best ranges of light fittings to suit every home, business and garden.

Life LED Lighting will work and plan with you, your electrical contractor, builder or architect and help you find the right LED light and fitting for the right spot in your home or business.

Contact us now on the number or email detailed on the Web site or just call Paul on 0403 062 007 to make your appointment or just to talk about your proposed plans or upgrade.

Havit Lighting now available through Life LED Lighting

Great news for the many clients of Life LED Lighting and that is Havit Lighting, best known for their comprehensive exterior lighting range, can now be supplied along with the other great LED options through the current supply lines. When you build your new home or commercial property or when you extend or just upgrade your old CFL and halogen lighting to LED, Life LED Lighting can now provide you with some of the best lights currently available in Australia. We can now supply the best in LED down lights, LED tubes, great pendant lights, interior wall lights as well as a great range of LED landscape lighting for in ground, in path or deck and wall lighting suitable for the harshest environment. Make sure you check out the Havit 2015 catalogue and specify the page number when you contact us for a quote.

Decrolux and Life LED Lighting Join Forces

Decrolux and Life LED Lighting Join Forces

Life LED Lighting has recently finalised arrangements to access the quality range of light fittings Decrolux has in their range.

Now, not only can Life LED Lighting, supply high quality LED lamps, globes, down lights and tubes, we can now provide our clients with a high quality range of light fittings for home and office.

Decrolux is an Australian family owned business and they have access to many world class manufacturers.

Decrolux has a comprehensive offering across 7 catalogues with include specialist lighting for Commercial, Industrial, Exterior, Wall lighting, Down Lights and Pendants. Check out the range at www.decrolux.com


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LED tubes and automation go hand in hand to save thousands.

LED tubes from Fine Technix are an outstanding replacement for the standard T8 fluoro tubes currently widely used across most industries.

LED tubes are available in 600mm, 1200mm and 1500mm. Available in warm White 3000k, Natural White 4000k and Cool White 6000k

Did you know that if you currently have fluoro tubes in your office, gym or carpark in your building, LED tubes from Life LED Lighting, can save you about 50% of your power costs. By installing a business or home automation and access control system you can link your LED lighting and other powered technology and save even more money. As LED's do not need any warm up time, you can leave a few selected tubes on and then as customers or staff enter into various zones or areas, all relevant lighting and technology comes on.

We partner with Blui Security Australia across many industry and domestic projects. Contact Boz at www.blui.com.au

A typical 24/7 gym might have 110 individual tubes and will save over $24,000 over the 5 year, 50,000 hour warranty period.  The tubes can be installed without having to engage an electrician in most cases. No LED starter is required, nor do you need to re-wire or re-certify the fitting. Just take the old one out and insert the new LED tube.

You can choose between warm white 3000k, natural white 4000k and cool white 6000k. Lengths available 600mm, 1200mm and 1500mm.

Email paul@lifeledlighting.com.au to find out how much this choice can save you and your business.


LED Tube Breakthrough by Fine Technix Korea

LED T8 tubes have been in the marketplace for some time now but they have had problems with the compatibility of the fluoro fittings. Typically there are two types of fluoro fittings for the standard T8 fluoros. There are electro magnetic and electronic. To replace the T8 fluoro tubes, you needed to know what fitting you had. One required a special LED starter, this was to replace the starter that is already in the unit. the other has to have a re-wiring done by a qualified electrician and has to be re-certified before the LED tube could be used.


The breakthrough in the LED tube technology and available through Life LED Lighting and Click Village LED has been produced by Fine Technix a major Korean LED lighting company part owned by Samsung, is now available in Australia. LED tubes don't pulse or flicker or fade during their warranty life time and usually beyond, so the light you start with is the light you will always have. Clean, crisp and immediate.


This LED tube can now be retro fitted into any T8 fluoro fitting without any re-wiring or requiring a starter of any sort. Simply take out the old T8 fluoro and slot in the new T8 LED tube and the job is done.


Think about the labour saving and also the saving in not having to re-wire any fittings. You don't have to do an audit in any building to determine what type of fluoro fittings are installed, just count and insert. Prices have dropped significantly so  these tubes are now within the price range of individual home owners as well as high rise CBD buildings. Savings of around 40% to 60% are normal (compared to standard T8 tubes) with this technology and with the ease of changing over from the old T8 fluoros to the latest LED tubes, even greater savings are made through the lower costs of installation. Even more savings can be made, as this LED technology is able to be turned on and off as needs, unlike the common practice of standard fluoros where it is usual to keep them on for long periods due to the power used at start up.


Sizes in this LED T8 tube include 600mm, 1200mm and 1500mm and is available in Warm White, Natural White and Cool White. The last one is best for car parks and offices.


All LED tubes and Globes produced by Fine Technix and distributed by Click Village and Life LED Lighting carry a full 50,000 hour (approx 5 year) warranty backed and supplied by the company. This means in many cases, there will be no need to ever change a tube and if one fails, call us and we will sort it for you.

If you have a property, a business, part of a school community, involved with aged care or an apartment building, or know someone who does, let them know about this advancement, as the savings can be enormous especially if the lights are on for 12 hours or more each day.


If you would like to know more about this advancement, trial some or make an appointment to discuss your requirements or arrange for a full audit of your property, call 1300 543 353 or email paul@lifeledlighting.com.au



Architects Embrace Life LED Lighting Technology for their projects

Architects such as Rebekah Hurworth, Kaitlin Sells and Silvana Jackson from Your Architect along with Lindsay Colwill from Linzi Pty Ltd and Doron Rosmarin from parvenu architectural... are choosing to work with Life LED Lighting to help them offer their clients world's best LED lighting solutions sourced from some of Korea's top LED manufacturers.

The high quality LED lights are being used throughout their upcoming projects and include down lights for interior and external use, LED bulbs to be used in the specialized pendant fittings and most other wall fittings, along with LED flood lights and LED tubes.

The quality of the LED lighting being provided by Life LED Lighting is of world class and carries the manufacturers full 5 year, free replacement warranty.

The clients of these architects can expect many years of trouble free lighting. As power bills continue to rise, they understand that as the LED lighting is drawing only 5 watts (instead of 50 watts for the typical Halogen globe) for most interior lighting, 20 watts for the LED tubes (instead of the typical over 36watts for the standard fluoro tube) and 38 watts for flood lighting (instead of over 150 watts for the regular flood lights) they are not only doing their part in lowering their carbon footprint and helping to save the environment, but saving a large part of their power costs from day one.

If you have a residential or commercial project, call these architects for their valuable advice and make sure you specify high quality LED lighting.

For more information on how we can be of service to you, whether you are an Architect, Builder, Electrical Contractor, Facilities or Building Manager or you have a home or business that is costing too much to run, contact us on this site and we will  show you how to conserve your funds and the environment. We can all do a bit more, so start today.

How do I know what colour LED light I will be buying?

The early LED lights were all a bluish tone so if you wanted to save money on your power bills, you had to like it or lump it. Life is more and less complicated as now you have the choice between the warmer lighting you may be used to already ( called warm white) or a brighter version but still on the warmer side (called neutral or daylight) and of course the brighter looking (because it is) blue looking version called cool white.

At Life LED Lighting, we will test each version of the bulbs you like, at your office, workplace or home, leave it with you for a while and let you get comfortable with the look that suits you.This could be a room, an office space or a wing of a building, depending on your project.

Not only will you get the light that will save you money instantly, you will get the right feel for every room. Call or email us today to find out how easy we can make your Life.