How do I know what colour LED light I will be buying?

The early LED lights were all a bluish tone so if you wanted to save money on your power bills, you had to like it or lump it. Life is more and less complicated as now you have the choice between the warmer lighting you may be used to already ( called warm white) or a brighter version but still on the warmer side (called neutral or daylight) and of course the brighter looking (because it is) blue looking version called cool white.

At Life LED Lighting, we will test each version of the bulbs you like, at your office, workplace or home, leave it with you for a while and let you get comfortable with the look that suits you.This could be a room, an office space or a wing of a building, depending on your project.

Not only will you get the light that will save you money instantly, you will get the right feel for every room. Call or email us today to find out how easy we can make your Life.