A selection of LED Light Fittings, Strip Lighting, Lamps and Globes

Please go to the "About" page for full details of all the partner suppliers and lighting design companies we work with, to ensure you get the best value and most appropriate LED' lights and fittings, currently available and certified for use in Australia.

Due to the depth of our full range, we have simply featured a selection of the best and most used LED lights covering most commercial, industrial, retail and residential situations. When we meet with you we will review your needs in order to source and supply the LED lights which are right for your situation.

The LED lights we have featured, will give you, at least, an idea of the range of choice we have available. We invite you to contact us for more detailed information about our range.

All LED lamps and globes we supply are dimmable and are manufactured by some of China's largest companies. All carry C Tick and or SAA Certification for use in Australia where required.

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TEC-LED Lighting

At TEC-LED Lighting, we pride ourselves on building enduring relationships with our customers, who trust in our ability to always deliver and act with integrity.

With over 10 years of experience in the LED market, at TEC-LED Lighting, we foster a strong culture characterized by innovation, reliability and integrity.

Based in Sydney and with an office in Queensland, our growing team is filled with experience and enthusiasm, ensuring the best service to achieve customer satisfaction. With a vast array of skills and pioneering products, we are committed to providing high quality and long-lasting solutions to all lighting requirements – both big and small.

Our main products include LED Strip lights, LED Down-lights, LED cabinet light, LED Wall Washers, LED Replacement Bulbs and array of other LED products.

Havit Lighting

Havit Lighting source and manufacture some of Australia's best lighting for exterior use. Great in-ground and wall mounted lighting, bollards and deck lighting. Click on the name above to go to their web site.


One of Australia's up and coming LED lighting importer bringing great style to every Australian home and business.

Oriel Lighting

A local importer of a very broad range of lighting, now specialising in light fittings from desk lamps, pendants, wall and outdoor lights to name but a few categories.

SAL Sunny Australia Lighting

SAL carries a huge range of LED lights for outdoor and interior use. The full range is available though Life LED Lighting