Completing the process and coordinating deliveries from overseas, locally and from interstate is the final element in the process.

Life LED Lighting will ensure that you don’t have to deal with lots of different suppliers, you will have lots to do with the other elements of your project, this is our role.



We will deliver all lighting at the right time, providing ordering and deposit timelines detailed on the Consult pages, are met. The invoicing will be clear and we will follow up any warranty issues immediately, should any arise.

We will also provide the builder or electrical contractor a colour highlighted, laminated lighting plan that will work back to each light fitting, so the installer can sort out the lights with minimal chance of errors being made during installation.

We will make ourselves available for final onsite meeting to ensure there have been no late changes to the plan that may affect the lighting.

Should you only require the supply of your LED lighting that has been specified by your Architect or Lighting Designer, we can save you money, time and effort, by detailing, quoting and supplying the right LED options, that will meet the guidelines on your plans. For this service, there will be no consulting fees, as it will be primarily "Supply Only". Should you decide a review of your plans would be useful, this will attract the consulting fee, which will be fully refunded should you order through Life LED Lighting. Price Guarantees apply.

Life LED Lighting Price Guarantee

At Life LED Lighting, we offer our valued clients a Price Guarantee, as part of our commitment to always providing the most competitive pricing in the LED lighting area.

If you find an identical product online or through other retail sources, that is cheaper than ours - we will match that price.*

*Conditions apply to this guarantee, see below.

How to claim your price guarantee

1. Provide Life LED Lighting with an email attaching the link or evidence of the cheaper price you have sourced;

2. Life LED Lighting will verify this comparison, in that the details will be checked to ensure that the product is identical and it is immediately available for purchase and is in the same currency and includes and freight, fees or charges;

3. If it is assessed by Life LED Lighting to be a valid comparison, Life LED Lighting will match that price.

Terms and conditions of guarantee

1. The product must be currently available and in the same currency

2. The product must be identical to the quoted product by Life LED Lighting