About us

  • Life LED Lighting provide an on-site, face to face consultancy, advisory, specifying and supply service to help you determine the right LED lighting for your business or home. Let Paul save you time and money, whilst maintain as much control over your investment as you want. Life LED Lighting really is in the business of "Saving You Everyday".

  • Following our first meeting, if it relates to a business or commercial property, we will provide, for your consideration, a detailed quote and lighting audit. We will highlight current lighting costs compared against the appropriate LED lighting options that we will recommend to you. You will also see the cost savings over the life of the LED lighting which will also be the warranty period of 5 years and will be detailed by each light or fitting and show you the likely ROI (Return On Investment).

  • Should you only require the supply of your LED lighting that has been specified by your Architect or Lighting Designer, we can save you money, time and effort, by detailing, quoting and supplying the right LED options, that will meet the guidelines on your plans. For this service, there will be no consulting fees, as it will be primarily "Supply Only". Should you decide a review of your plans would be useful, this will attract the consulting fee, which will be fully refunded should you order through Life LED Lighting. Price Guarantees apply.

  • We specialise in retro fitting or replacing with new, all styles of LED lamps, bulbs, tubes and fittings especially focusing on the needs of home owners, retail, commerce and industry at all levels.

  • Life LED Lighting can also work with your architect, designer, interior designer, builder, project manager, facility or building manager and electrical contractor, so that you end up with the most cost effective way of getting the best and most appropriate LED lighting for your project.

  • We offer full planning and installation service, or if you have your own contractors, we can supply the product directly to you.

  • Life LED Lighting has access to industry experts, engineers and factory simulations to assist finding the perfect solution for your requirements.

  • Due to the depth of our full range, we have simply featured a core range of the best and most used LED lights covering most commercial, industrial, retail and residential situations. When we meet with you we will review your needs and specify, source and supply the right LED option, not just one that we happen to have.

  • References from the many clients Life LED Lighting and Click Village has supplied over the last five years, will also be provided as requested. LED lighting has been provided in industries including Aviation, Health, The Arts, Manufacturing, Tourism, Service and Sports Clubs and Hospitality, New Build Residential and so on.

Life LED Lighting now has access to many high quality ranges of light fittings designed, sourced from some of Australia's key lighting companies. To view the wide choice now available, click on the company names below, take details of the fittings you like and let Life LED Lighting make your life easier by having us supply these along with our great range of down lights for your home or business.

Life LED Lighting also imports directly from some of the best manufacturers and can meet most competitive requirements with high quality LED lighting all certified for Australian standards.

Our partner lighting companies are amongst the best currently in Australia, the list below is just a sample of some of our extensive supplier partners. Click on the company name below to go directly to their site and catalogues.

  • Ace Lighting: A very good supplier of quality LED lighting

  • Atom Lighting: One of Australia's top LED importers.

  • Big Ass Fans: High quality ceiling fans, residential and commercial

  • Brightgreen LED Lighting. High end high CRI down lights and other specialized LED lighting.

  • Brilliant Lighting: Great range of lighting for interiors and exterior use.

  • CLA Lighting: Specialising in residential interior and exterior lighting

  • Clipsal: Lighting and accessories

  • Cougar Lighting: A creative supplier and design company based in Australia, providing great options for all areas.

  • Davis Lighting: Full range of commercial and residential lighting.

  • Decrolux: Interior and exterior lighting for home and business

  • Domus Lighting: Outstanding contemporary LED lighting and ceiling fans

  • Eglo Lighting: A beautiful range of lighting including pendants for every situation.

  • Emac and Lawton Lighting: For the most comprehensive of traditional and contemporary pendants, chandeliers, wall lights, floor lamps for all design styles.

  • Enlighten: Manufacturers of the iconic Chamaeleon car park and emergency lighting range.

  • Fosani: Mid Century replica pendants and wall light fittings

  • Havit Lighting: Exterior lighting

  • Hunter Pacific: Specialist fan supplier.

  • Industralight: Commercial and industrial LED lighting

  • LED Tube Lighting: A great choice of tubes, panel lights and flood lights for every commercial, industrial and utility spaces.

  • LightCo: Importing high quality pendants and light fitting from the USA and other countries

  • Lightcore: An outstanding lighting design company based here in Brisbane.

  • Lighting Inspirations by Lode International: Beautiful classic lighting including chandeliers.

  • Martec Lighting: Great range of down lights and ceiling fans.

  • MDA Lighting: Contemporary and classic lighting.

  • Mercator Lighting: Specialises in a complete range of lighting and fans for home and commercial facilities.

  • M-Elec Superior Lighting: Down Lights, Strip Lighting Residential, Commercial and Industrial specialist design and supply.

  • Neue: Looking for that unique European lighting that will set you home or business apart, this is the range to review.

  • Oriel Lighting: Comprehensive range of lighting for indoor and outdoor use. Pendants, wall lights, landscaping and ceiling lights, to name but a few categories covered by Oriel Lighting.

  • Philips, Osram, LG, Crompton, HPM, Theben, Stanilite, Eaton, Legrand and Robus plus many more also available through the Life LED supply chain network.

  • Pierlite: For commercial lighting

  • Rapid LED Lighting

  • Superlight: Specialist high end residential and commercial lighting

  • Sunny Australia Lighting: Great selection of everyday LED lighting.

  • TEC-LED Lighting: This specialist lighting company works with me to provide specific LED lighting solutions for all residential and commercial projects. Everything is manufactured to individual needs. Check out the web site by clicking on the highlighted name and call me if you think we can make a difference with your project.

  • Telbix: Great range covering all aspects of residential lighting

  • Trend Lighting: High quality COB down lighting specialty lighting company.

  • Viore Design: Pendants, wall lights specialising in Hampton's, modern and classic designs.


A few of our partner service providers include the following. Click on the names below to visit each of their web sites.

Manufacturer’s warranty.

  • The LED lights provided by Life LED Lighting are some of the highest quality products available on the world market. All meet all Australian standards and carry the relevant and current certificates for use in Australia and have various warranties typically up to 3 years. Lighting supplied through our commercial suppliers noted above, have varying warranty periods between one year to five years, with the average being three years. We will advise, at point of sale, the relevant warranty.

Try Before You Buy

  • Lighting is a very personal decision, even once you have made the commercial decisions to proceed with new LED lights.

  • Life LED Lighting, is more than happy to supply sample lights where feasible and allow you to see the lights perform in your environment and be totally comfortable with your selection before the purchase decision is finalised. With more complex installations involving integration with existing electrical systems, this is most important and allows you to be confident that the LED lights specified, will operate effectively within your environment.

  • Light fittings from various suppliers detailed above may not have samples available for testing.

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