Architects Embrace Life LED Lighting Technology for their projects

Architects such as Rebekah Hurworth, Kaitlin Sells and Silvana Jackson from Your Architect along with Lindsay Colwill from Linzi Pty Ltd and Doron Rosmarin from parvenu architectural... are choosing to work with Life LED Lighting to help them offer their clients world's best LED lighting solutions sourced from some of Korea's top LED manufacturers.

The high quality LED lights are being used throughout their upcoming projects and include down lights for interior and external use, LED bulbs to be used in the specialized pendant fittings and most other wall fittings, along with LED flood lights and LED tubes.

The quality of the LED lighting being provided by Life LED Lighting is of world class and carries the manufacturers full 5 year, free replacement warranty.

The clients of these architects can expect many years of trouble free lighting. As power bills continue to rise, they understand that as the LED lighting is drawing only 5 watts (instead of 50 watts for the typical Halogen globe) for most interior lighting, 20 watts for the LED tubes (instead of the typical over 36watts for the standard fluoro tube) and 38 watts for flood lighting (instead of over 150 watts for the regular flood lights) they are not only doing their part in lowering their carbon footprint and helping to save the environment, but saving a large part of their power costs from day one.

If you have a residential or commercial project, call these architects for their valuable advice and make sure you specify high quality LED lighting.

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