LED Tube Breakthrough by Fine Technix Korea

LED T8 tubes have been in the marketplace for some time now but they have had problems with the compatibility of the fluoro fittings. Typically there are two types of fluoro fittings for the standard T8 fluoros. There are electro magnetic and electronic. To replace the T8 fluoro tubes, you needed to know what fitting you had. One required a special LED starter, this was to replace the starter that is already in the unit. the other has to have a re-wiring done by a qualified electrician and has to be re-certified before the LED tube could be used.


The breakthrough in the LED tube technology and available through Life LED Lighting and Click Village LED has been produced by Fine Technix a major Korean LED lighting company part owned by Samsung, is now available in Australia. LED tubes don't pulse or flicker or fade during their warranty life time and usually beyond, so the light you start with is the light you will always have. Clean, crisp and immediate.


This LED tube can now be retro fitted into any T8 fluoro fitting without any re-wiring or requiring a starter of any sort. Simply take out the old T8 fluoro and slot in the new T8 LED tube and the job is done.


Think about the labour saving and also the saving in not having to re-wire any fittings. You don't have to do an audit in any building to determine what type of fluoro fittings are installed, just count and insert. Prices have dropped significantly so  these tubes are now within the price range of individual home owners as well as high rise CBD buildings. Savings of around 40% to 60% are normal (compared to standard T8 tubes) with this technology and with the ease of changing over from the old T8 fluoros to the latest LED tubes, even greater savings are made through the lower costs of installation. Even more savings can be made, as this LED technology is able to be turned on and off as needs, unlike the common practice of standard fluoros where it is usual to keep them on for long periods due to the power used at start up.


Sizes in this LED T8 tube include 600mm, 1200mm and 1500mm and is available in Warm White, Natural White and Cool White. The last one is best for car parks and offices.


All LED tubes and Globes produced by Fine Technix and distributed by Click Village and Life LED Lighting carry a full 50,000 hour (approx 5 year) warranty backed and supplied by the company. This means in many cases, there will be no need to ever change a tube and if one fails, call us and we will sort it for you.

If you have a property, a business, part of a school community, involved with aged care or an apartment building, or know someone who does, let them know about this advancement, as the savings can be enormous especially if the lights are on for 12 hours or more each day.


If you would like to know more about this advancement, trial some or make an appointment to discuss your requirements or arrange for a full audit of your property, call 1300 543 353 or email paul@lifeledlighting.com.au