Regatta Riverside Apartments choose Life LED Lighting

Tim Van Eck, the Resident Manager, on behalf of the body corporates for the Regatta Riverside Apartment buildings has confirmed that Life LED Lighting will be supplying the LED lighting for all of the common areas of the property.

The first stage will be the lighting for the lift lobbies on all floor of both towers as well as all corridors for the Terraces. Car park and pool surrounds will follow in due course.

Owners will also have access to LED lighting and LED fan lights from Life LED Lighting as their needs arise.

The Body Corporate will save in excess of $40,000 over the 5 year warranty period, based on current power charge rates.

Should you be involved with an apartment building as an owner, on the body corporate or as a building manager and would like to save on your running costs, call Paul Myers from Life LED Lighting on 0403 062 007.