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If your home or business is on the Brisbane area and you are building or renovating your home or you have a business that is still using Fluoro tubes, Halogen or Metal Halide down lights and you are looking to lower your running costs by being more energy efficient, contact Paul at Life LED Lighting.

Life LED Lighting is not only a direct importer of quality Samsung product, but also has access to some of Australia's top lighting companies.

Life LED Lighting will come to your premises and determine, in consultation with you and others you may have engaged, to assist in your project, the right LED light, for each room or area you are updating. No one type of LED is right for all purposes, we will guide you through that process to ensure you have exactly the right LED.

Life LED Lighting can now, offer you a huge selection of pendants, wall lights, down lights, fan lights, panel lights and LED tubes for inside your home or business as well as the best LED light fittings for your warehouse, carpark, deck, garden, driveway and steps.

Contact Life LED Lighting now, for the best personal guidance, as you work through your next project.